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Powder/Ombre Brows – £295
Nano Brows (Hair stroke technique using a machine) – £295
Microblading – £295 (option to include shading free of charge)
K-LUXE – Signature Brows – (Combination of Machine Hair strokes and Shading) – £295


Lash Enhancement (fine tattoo through the lashes and lash line) – £275
Winged/Flick/Shaded/Wedge – £325
add the bottom lash line to an upper + £45
Lower Liner only – £225


Lip Blush (can be full coverage or ombre/sheer) – £345​

Areola Tattooing (Medical or Cosmetic):

​Areola – Single £225 / Double – £295
6-8week top up – Single £50 / Double- £80
1) Kerry does offer a free medical areola clinic for medical post mastectomy (Breast Cancer or BRCA related) fully funded by Kerry. There is an option in the clinic should you wish to ‘Pay it forward’ whereby you can make a discretionary cash donation into the pot in the clinic. Please note that there can be long wait times for this option.
2) You can book a regular paid apt as per the above, which can be done online by clicking the BOOK NOW buttons.
3) If you have private medical insurance that covers this, and you need an invoice to claim it back, please let Kerry know in advance as this can be arranged.


PMU – Book two or more procedures and get 20% off the lower priced procedure
PMU & Fillers – Book together at the same time and get 20% off the lower priced procedure


Fine Line/Micro Tattoo’s: POA/min charge from£75
Beauty Spot – £50 (up to 3)
Freckles – from £150
Cheek Blush – £175 (promo)
Colour correction – £175 per treatment
Colour correction at the same time of other brow treatment is £100 in addition to the standard treatment cost (please note this is not always feasible if the corrective work is substantial)
Removal with ‘Li-FT’ Saline solution – £70 (per session)
Laser Removal – Brows £70 (small tattoos POA)

All initial sittings and appointments will require a top-up, which must be carried out between weeks 6 to 8 of the initial treatment. To get the reduced top-up fee of £80.00. Please note – subsequent top-ups may occasionally be required​ after the initial top up and will incur a charge.

All treatment top-ups as follows:

Up to 6 months – £125
Up to 12 months – £175
Up to 18 months – £225


Up to 6 months – £125
Up to 12 months – £150
Up to 18 months – £195


Up to 6 months £125
Up to 12 months – £175
Up to 18 months – £225

Other Treatments:

Beauty Spots up to 18 months – £50
Freckles: Up to 18 months – £75 upwards
Scalp depends on initial treatment

Dermal Fillers:

0.5ml – £150
1ml – £190

Naso Labial Filler (nose to mouth lines)
1ml £190
2ml £295

Marionette Filler (side of the mouth)
1ml £190
2ml £295

Chin Filler / Jaw / Cheek Contour
1ml £190
2ml £295
3ml £405


1.5ml Package – 0.5ml in Lips & 1ml in 1 other area:
Cheeks/Chin/Jaw/Marrionette’s/Naso Folds – £250
2ml Package – 1ml Lips & 1ml in 1 other area -£295
3ml Package – 1ml in Lips & 2ml in 1 or 2 other areas – £405
4ml Package – 1ml in Lips & 3ml in 2 -3 other areas – £525

Fat Dissolving Injections (per session):

Small Area: £100

Mid Size Area’s: – £135
Upper/Under Arms, Bra Fat, Muffin Top, Mid-Size Abdomen (i.e. small paunch or circumference around naval, Thigh (Inner/Outer), Banana Rolls (under Buttox)

Large Area’s: – £150
Back Fat Rolls, Abdomen, Hips, Saddle Bag , Thighs – (Inner & Outer)


Save £’s
1 Small & 1 Mid-size area – £180 (save £55)
1 Small & 1 Large area – £200 (save £50)
x2 Mid sized areas – £220 (save £50)

Course of 3 of the same area:
3x small area – £250 (save £50)
3x mid-area – £340 (save £65)
3 large areas – £375 (save £75)


Upper Eyelids – £225
Lower Eyelids – £225
Upper & Lower Eyelids – £350 (save £100)
Crows Feet – £225
Panda Eye Lift ~
(Upper & Lower Eyelids & Crows Feet) – £500 (save £175)
Brow Lift – £225
Brow Lift & Upper Eye Lift – £350 (save £100)
Forehead – £250
Frown (’11’s’) – £175
Ears – £150
Lip Lines OR Lip Flip (Top or Bottom) – £200
Lip Lines OR Lip Flip (Top & Bottom) – £300 (save £100)
Nasolabial Lines (nose to mouth) – £225
Marionette Lines (under/outer side of the lip to chin) – £225
Jowels or Jawline – £225
Jowels & Jawline – £350 (save £100)
Upper Lip Flip – £200
Under Chin OR front of Chin Lines – £225
Neck Lift (front) – £275 (whole – front & sides) – £450
Decolletage – £375
Upper Thighs or Upper Arms – £375
Hand Rejuvenation – £325
Knees – £375
Breasts – £375
Body stretch marks (hand sized area* excl Tummy) – £250
Naval – £200
Partial Tummy – £300 (1 hand sized area inc Naval)
Full Tummy – £500 (2 hand sized areas inc’ Naval)
Full Tummy+ – £600 (3 hand sized areas inc Naval)
Half Soft Face Lift Upper or Lower​​ – 3 areas £500 (saving up to £200)
– 4 areas £600 (saving up to £325)
Skin Tag Removal – £65 (up to 5 small/3 large)
Mila Removal – £50 (up to 3 removed)
Age/Sun Spots – £50 (3 small/1 large -approx 50p size)

Please note that whilst Plasma Fibroblast treatments have minimal downtime, for facial area’s, when booking in please consider there can be redness for a couple of days or so and for eye treatments there can be noticeable swelling for approx 2 to 3 days. Other body areas be mindful that excessive sweating, exercise, tanning, swimming and saunas should be avoided for AT LEAST 2 weeks or until the carbon crusts have shed naturally.

All Plasma/Fibroblast treatments require a full complimentary, in person consultation before.


Carbon Laser Facial – £65
Capillaries/Age spots – from £50
Laser Tattoo Removal POA
Laser Permanent Make Up Removal – £90
(subsequent sessions – £65)​

SMP pricing will depend on the size of the area being treated.

Pricing starts from £250 per session.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an amazing treatment for not only restoring your hairline, but your confidence also.
In clinic, Kerry’s is fortunate to work with many clients, regardless of gender, to create fuller and thicker looking hairlines.

SMP is suitable when you feel like there is too much scalp on show, be it a large or small area, if there is a reasonable amount of (albeit) thinning hair, Kerry can work to blend and make the thin area look less obvious.

If you are contemplating going for a shaved head but are worried about having no hair on top, at the crown or even both, SMP will give you an incredible result that looks just like your own hair that’s been buzzed. We can even work on Scar camouflage too!

Whist we refer to SMP as little dots – it is so much more! Kerry will work with a specialised scalp pigment and specific needles and technique that when implanted, you will get what looks like little hairs – they won’t be just dots – they will look textured like little fly hairs and hairs coming out the follicle. It is that realistic, we even do beards and moustaches!

All Permanent Make Up, Injectables & Plasma Fibroblast procedures require a £50 booking fee, SMP requires £100-150, which comes off of the cost of your initial treatment. Please note that booking fees are non-refundable.

Should you need to reschedule your appointment, Kerry kindly asks that you provide 48-hrs notice where possible.
Last minute cancellations or no shows may result in your deposit being forfeited, or for other services a cancellation fee of 25% of the treatment cost being applied to your rescheduled booking. Furthermore, clients who fail to show up for appointments without contact will be declined for further services, and you will be charged the full treatment price.

If the cancellation/rescheduling guidelines are followed, your appointment will be rescheduled to the next mutually convenient date.

We fully respect your time and kindly ask that you do so for both ours and our other clients. Please arrive on time for your appointment as all appointments are booked accordingly and lateness can affect other subsequent appointments thereafter. If you are late arriving, this time will likely come off your own appointment which we wish to avoid.

Kerry kindly asks clients to bear in mind respect the no children allowed policy, as they are not permitted in the treatment area. Kerry often works with needles, and therefore it is not deemed a safe environment for children. We hope you understand, we have absolutely nothing against your children, far from it! However, all focus and attention needs to be fully on you and your procedure. It is also ‘your’ time, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy your experience with us.

Prices are subject to change without notice for any of our services. If you have paid a deposit, then your price will not be affected.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the different procedures detailed, as we appreciate there are a lot of options – let us help make it easier for you by talking it through and explaining the procedures to you.

We look forward to welcoming you for your treatment, and thank you for choosing us.


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